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111 George St.

Bonsai resides in the heart of the growing tech hub, and a few paces from the epicentre of culture. Attractions such as the St. Lawrence Market, Rogers Centre, and Eaton's centre, plus numerous restaurants, bars, high-rise condos, and parks are all on the edges of our locale. In other words, we take our 99/100 walk score very seriously.

The Couch

Unofficially voted “the most comfortable spot in the office”, it was once impossible to see the same two faces beside each other. These days you’ll have to creatively distract one of the devs to secure a spot during our weekly fireside chats.

The Pods

In true startup fashion, “the pods” adopt a collaboration is king mantra through their round-table-like arrangement. The devs have opted for more of a “triple W” formation? Don’t ask. We don't get it either.

Hack Street Studio

Yes, a tech company is living a creative agency’s dream. Run by boss lady Erika, the studio is the home base to all of our product and lifestyle photography, client photoshoots, plus anything else brand boosting that Erika can dream up.


(Yes they deserve their own section)

Office Crown.


& Kazakhstan.

& Ottawa.

& Cambridge.

& Nobleton.

& Hamilton.

& Vietnam.

& Waterloo.

& Oshawa.

& Vancouver.

The humans of Bonsai are made up of a cohort of talent from around the world. Their vast education and experiences have helped fill our teams full of talent.


Saad Siddiqui

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Andrew Ladouceur

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Eckler

Chief Technology Officer

Data & Development.

Mackie Drew

Director, Development

Omer Dobrescu

Data Lead

Alexandr Ni

Senior Developer

Stanley Szeto

Junior Developer

Christian Lippa


Nathan Liu


Karan Singh


Alex Rasiga

Junior Developer

Nam Ngo

QA Developer

Fiona McLean

Data Scientist

Andrew Hong

Data Scientist

Mohan Wu

Data Scientist

Product & Design.

Levi Kani

Product Lead

Serafina Jans

UI Designer


Mackenzie Fox

Operations Manager

Brand Partnerships.

Carlo Ammendolia

Director, Brand Partnerships & Revenue

Sean Kolenko

Senior Brand Partnerships Specialist

Leora Ami

Brand Partnerships Specialist

James Cuvilier

Brand Strategist

Jacob LaBrier

Junior Brand Partnerships Specialist


Garrett Haines

Growth Strategist


Braeden Ching

Content Lead

Erika Warkentin

Creative Consultant

Dan LeBaron


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