Compete on quality, not price.

In an industry slashing prices by the hour and revenue subject to weather, traditional retail is in a performance-enhanced race to the bottom. The platform we've engineered for both merchants and publishers leverages content to enable every brand, retailer, and boutique to compete on quality, not price.

Don't depend on desktop.

E-commerce has given consumers unprecedented power to compare prices, complain loudly, and find the best deals. Bonsai can help guard your curated product offering from having to play the price game. Use content to communicate your brand's true value proposition instead of cyclical markdowns.

Move with the customer.

89% of customer decision journeys begin on mobile. Bonsai's personalized, shoppable content creates sticky users. We build brand fanatics who stay connected to your products on-the-go.

Sell through our content.

Leverage our shoppable content to promote your products and drive sales. Our stories provide valuable opportunity to recommend relevant products that maximize conversion rates.


Our most intelligent fulfillment solution yet. With Bolt, we automatically dispatch a courier to pick up from your warehouse so the customer can track every step of the journey. Free shipping for merchants and free returns for customers in a seamless, easily-trackable interface.

Stop marking down.

Become a Merchant